Our Fire Engineering Consultancy [mttfire] offer fire and life safety engineering services delivering fire strategies that incorporate client’s aspirations and end users operational requirements. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service from feasibility through to occupation, addressing regulatory, property protection and business continuity aspects of fire safety.

We have extensive experience covering the formulation of fire and life safety strategies incorporating escape and fire resistance through to fire protection system design.

During initial design review, our advice will inform the advantages and disadvantages of various feasibility studies with regards to regulatory approval and value to the scheme.  Proposals will then be developed and presented to Approving Authorities and agreed in principle to be developed through further design stages to Building Regulation approval.

With our depth of knowledge on how codes and guidance documents are integrated, we are experienced in interrogating and challenging fire safety codes, producing robust fire strategies based on a practical approach and presenting the proposals to the Approving Authorities.

During the detail design stage we will provide advice and support in developing the fire strategy to suit the architectural, and structural constraints while also co-ordinating with building services and fire protection systems.

The [mttfire] team have a strong understanding in the use of modern fire engineering techniques including;

  • Integration of fire and life safety systems as an inherent part of the architectural design
  • Incorporation of design strategies to suit new build and refurbishment projects
  • Computational heat and smoke modelling
  • Computational evacuation modelling
  • Structural fire engineering

We also offer a “Drop In Service” where we can attend your office at an initial design stage whether you require a scheme check over, expert advice on condition of an existing system or a general sanity check for a pre-requisition.  At initial design review, we would advise where the main issues with regards to fire safety can be overcome by incorporation of fire engineered design, or identify where efficient design would resolve any issues. For regular updates follow us on TWITTER or contact us for more details.